Nuthatches are endearing little black, gray and white birds with a large head and almost no neck. They mate for life and spend most of their lives upside down. They do not migrate, so once you attract them to your yard, you will see them all year long.

Nuthatches love to eat insects, such as beetles, tree borers and caterpillars. They also are attracted to feeders offering peanuts, tree nuts, black oil or hulled sunflowers, safflower or nutrasaff. They will visit hoppers or tube feeders. Offer nest boxes or dead trees or parts of trees for them to nest and shelter in, and provide nuts and suet in winter, when insects are scarce, will keep them healthy. Feel free to browse the selection of feeders for Nuthatches from Birds Choice.

Thank you to The Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Orthinology, Ithaca, New York who provided the picture and audio.