Outdoor Cats Kill Millions of Birds

Outdoor Cats Kill Millions of Birds

Whether the cats in your yard are pets, strays or feral cats, they are a serious threat to wild birds. Cats have a natural instinct to hunt even if they are tame house cats. We have several suggestions to control cats and your backyard habitat to protect the birds.

*** If you have a pet cat, keep it inside. If it must go outside, either keep them in an area where you don’t have bird feeders or supervise them. Putting a bell on their collar will also warn birds that they are in the area.

*** Keep your pet cat’s claws trimmed so they can’t catch wild birds or climb trees to get at bird’s nests.

*** Don’t give a cat praise if it captures a wild bird which can lead to a habit of going after the birds.

*** If a feral cat visits your yard, do not feed it which will encourage it to return to your yard. Consider a trap for feral cats and take them to your area animal shelter.

*** Place your bird feeders at least 5 feet from shrubs and hedges where cats can hide and attack without warning. A good distance is 10 - 12 feet.

*** If feral cats are a problem in your yard, do not use ground feeders to make it easy for cats to attack the birds while feeding. Keep your area clean under other feeders to minimize the ground feeding.

*** Put baffles on your poles to stop bird-hunting cats. Use metal poles. Wood poles are easier for cats to climb.

***Keep bird houses at least 8 feet off the ground and use predator guards on the entrance hole to deter cats.