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We'd love to help. Please hop over to the "Contact Us" page and email us or give us a call at 866-995-BIRD(2473).

If your pole is spinning or turning around inside of the ground sleeve due to wind, try using a muffler clamp or hose clamp to secure it in place.

Spring and summer are excellent times to feed the birds in your yard. In spring, many species are returning from a long migratory journey in the tropics and need nourishment from their lengthy, exhausting flight. Spring is a great time to attract birds into your yard. If you are feeding them, they will likely build their nests in and around your yard. Having access to bird feeders allows the nesting females to spend less time looking for food and more time in their nests. This leads to a more-protected nest from predators, earlier fledging of the baby birds and a higher survival rate of the broods.

Hummingbirds darting around your nectar feeder are a delightful vision and, they certainly appreciate having a ready source of energy. Summer is also the peak of the bright colors on many backyard birds, especially the finches. The beauty of the birds at your feeders, combined with the green lawns and beautiful flowers make it an awesome time to sit and enjoy your yard and the feathered friends that you welcome into it.

One way to deter bees from your hummingbird or oriole feeder is to fill your feeder only half full with liquid. The specially tapered holes on your Birds Choice feeder are designed to stop the bees' tongues from reaching far into the nectar. Another thing is to put Vaseline around the ports. The hummingbirds and orioles won't mind the Vaseline, but it will deter the bees.

Another way to stop bees and other pests is to create a decoy nectar dish. Start by putting some of your used nectar in a dish on the ground below your feeder. As the bees are attracted to the decoy dish, begin moving the dish in small increments away from your feeder. Most bees will prefer this open dish on the ground rather than your hanging or mounted feeder.

If you have our 12 oz. Oriolefest Feeder, use the included bee guards to deter the bees. Bee guards are also sold separately for this feeder.

No, you will not attract bluebirds if you hang your house. Bluebird houses must be mounted. (Please refer to the FAQ "How do I mount my bluebird house?")

Your bluebird house should be mounted 4 to 5 feet above the ground in a grassy open area. The bluebird house poles that Birds Choice sells will be the correct height for bluebirds.

You can also mount your bluebird house to a post or tree.

Your bluebird house should be mounted 4 to 5 feet above the ground in a grassy open area. The bluebird house poles that Birds Choice sells will be the correct height for bluebirds.

You can also mount your bluebird house to a post or tree.

No, you don't need to take your hummingbird feeder down to ensure migration. The hummingbirds will leave when they are ready, they know by the number of daylight hours when it is time to migrate. They will not stay in your area just because you are feeding them. Just when you think they have left, you may see another hummingbird. It is probably one that is migrating from farther north and happens to spot your feeder and stops to get nourishment before continuing on. The migrating birds really need that, so leave your feeders up for about 2 weeks after you think they have left.

Inside the feeder is a clear plastic piece called a seed diverter. This piece should be at the bottom of the feeder with the legs on the bottom and the arched part facing the top of the feeder. Set on the bottom of the feeder and fill with seed, this will meter the seed being sent to the ports to prevent seed from being wasted.

Yes, we have a 24" extension pole available. It is item #NPCF16.

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