There are 6 types of towhees that are native to North America. 5 of these varieties are mainly found in the western part of the United States. They are the Green-tailed Towhees, California Towhees, Canyon Towhees, Spotted Towhees and Abert's Towhees. The Spotted Towhee and the Eastern Towhee males have the most distinctive coloring, with a reddish-brown and white belly and a bold black head and feathers. The Eastern Towhee females have the same markings, but have brown feathers instead of the male's black and can be mistaken for a Robin. The female Spotted Towhee is gray, spotted and striped with white. All the varieties of Towhees resemble a large sparrow.

Type of food/seed

Towhees are a shy bird and spend most of the time on the ground, hiding in the brush and foraging in leaves looking for insects and seeds. They do not fly around much and use a lot of energy in flight. Towhees will sometimes visit the ground around bird feeders, especially if the perimeter of the yard has vegetation or shrubby, brushy foliage where they feel comfortable. They like black, striped and hulled sunflower seeds and millet, but will also eat shelled peanuts, safflower seed, corn products and tree nuts. They will also visit ground feeders, such as the Birds Choice platform feeder where a leg set is added. The recycled version part number is SNPFSC and SNPFSC300 which includes the platform with 2 removable seed trays and the leg set.

Migration patterns

California and Abert's Towhees do not migrate but spend all year round in California and the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. The Canyon Towhees take up year round residence in the Desert Southwest. The Spotted Towhees that breed in the northwestern part of the United States will winter in northern Mexico and the deserts of Arizona, but in the southwestern states, the Spotted Towhees will stay the entire year. The Green-tailed Towhees will winter in Mexico and in the southern states and then migrate to the shrubby areas in the northern West for their breeding season. The Eastern Towhees in the south East states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee and the Carolinas will live there all year, but the Eastern Towhees that travel to the northern states will winter in western Texas. Their nests are primarily on the ground and low shrubs.