2022 Birds Choice Holiday Gift Guide | See our top gift ideas for your favorite bird lovers!

a hairy woodpecker sits in a platform feeder with its head peeking up

This Hairy Woodpecker is curious whats in the giftwrap!

Buying gifts for your favorite birder, bird feeder, bird lover can be a challenge. Birds Choice has come to the rescue with our 2022 holiday guide! (Please note, you are also welcome to use this list for spoiling yourself as well. We will not tell a soul.)

On to our 2022 holiday gift buying guide!

Meet the best bird feeder

red breasted nuthatch sits on a platform feeder with a seed

This nuthatch is proud of its food find!

All bird feeders are great bird feeders. This section is not meant to disparage your favorite feeder type. However, if you want to attract a larger variety of seed-eating birds, you might be missing your best chance for a stunning Evening Grosbeak, a musical Red-winged Blackbird, or an eye-popping Northern Cardinal if you are not offering hopper or platform feeders as part of your backyard buffet!

Of course, you do not HAVE to have one of these larger feeders for your backyard. But larger birds will struggle to take advantage of other feeder options. Think your yard cannot hold a platform feeder? Try a platform window feeder!

Okay, maybe you really do not want a platform feeder. Well, this guide is just getting warmed up! (Which is good because it is cold outside at Birds Choice HQ.)

Chew the fat with your favorite birds

No, we do not actually recommend chewing the fat in our bird suet cakes. But, if you purchase one of our suet cakes, your favorite birder will certainly have some birds to converse with in their backyard. Will the birds understand the conversation? Probably not. But they will voraciously appreciate this high caloric food source! Want to learn more about the importance of adding suet to a backyard buffet? Check out this fascinating and well-written article (the author is pretty cool too) about why offering fat to birds can be a boon for both humans AND the birds!

bullocks oriole on suet feeder

Be as sweet as candy… or nectar

Do not give candy this holiday season. Give something even sweeter! Give the gift of hummingbirds by providing feeders and quick-made nectar. Use these amazing hummingbird magnets in conjunction with a properly maintained bird-friendly yard, and before your hummingbird lover knows it, they will be living in a flying gem, Shangri La.

a broad-tailed hummingbird feeds at a hummingbird feeder

Play keep away with squirrels

Love squirrels? Then move along (or grab this stunning squirrel feeder). Want to keep your bird lovers bird feeder free of the furry fury? Get them to pack some heat! Some pepper heat, that is. Birds do not get afflicted by the capsaicin-held heat of pepper (some even seem to like the flavor), but mammals do not appreciate a spicy food source. Gifting some spicy feed is a great way to say, “I love you, but I do not love your squirrels.”

Of course, if you cannot stand the squirrel heat, then we recommend you stay out of the squirrel oven. Another way to say that would be, if you do not want to use a spicy blend of food to play keep away with squirrels, try a physical impediment instead. Birds Choice has a variety of feeder poles with baffles that will keep even the wiliest squirrels and raccoons at bay.

blue feeder pole with squirrel baffle

Heat things up for your favorite birds

Nobody likes a cold bath. Not you, not the person you love, and not the person you love’s backyard birds. So, this cold and wintry holiday season, gift a heated birdbath to all the humans and birds you care for. During winter, water can become difficult to find if it is all locked up in ice. While it may not seem like an essential time to ensure a fresh water source for birds, a heated bird bath can make the difference between a yard with a handful of birds, and yard full of hundreds of birds.

A feathered development

It’s not an arrested development, it’s a feathered one! Meaning, you should give the gift of better neighbors to your favorite bird person. How? A bird house! From chickadees to martins, Birds Choice has quality nest boxes that birds love. Does your gift receiver have a garden? Even better!

a house wren sings from a nest box

Nest boxes are a great way to have an all-natural, 100% organic, no pesticides added, pest control! For example, a lone family of chickadees will consume in excess of 10,000 caterpillars in a single nesting season. Aerial insectivores can eat as many as 2,000 flying insects per day, and thrushes like bluebirds will consume hundreds of grasshoppers and spiders per day. Still not convinced these are the neighbors for you? Then OWL offer an even better neighbor! Consider an owl box that would lure in some amazing rodent control! How good is this OWL-kin man? (This was supposed to be a play on the Orkin Man, but our editor said the joke fell flat.) A family of owls could eat between 1,000 to 3,000 mice and other rodents per nesting season. Talk about a great way to keep those garden vegetables protected!

Make some color POP

Bird feeders do not have to be plain and ordinary. Give your loved ones a feeder with some pizazz. Some color. Some POP. Do they have a favorite sports team? Like the eagles or the cardinals? Get a feeder to match! Just help your favorite bird people turn their backyard into a carnival for birds with the color pop feeder line!

pine siskins sit atop a color pop seed feeder

Stuff their stockings… and their larders

If you have not been paying attention, global conditions have forced an increase in the cost of many types of birdseed. Help your favorite bird feeding person by stocking their stocking. Load their larder. Fill their feeders. Basically, buy them a bulk buildup of birdseed!

An easy gift

Look, it’s not laziness. Sometimes, bird lovers already own numerous bird products. And purchasing a bird-themed product for them, like a bird feeder, can be a difficult task! In that less than rare instance, an easy (but not lazy) choice, is a Birds Choice gift card! Customize the amount to ensure your bird person can load up their backyard with their favorite feeders and seed!

Bird lovers love practical bird things. Buying a bird book is great, but your favorite birder may already have a library full (raises hand). Bird plates seem cute but are only a representation of what your bird lover really wants, more birds. There is one way to get more birds, and that is by using additional bird feeders and more birdseed. (Sure, you could also spend thousands on a birding trip, but why not bring the birds to you?!)

Need more ideas? Shop the gift guide!