Track birds at your feeders for science!

Track birds at your feeders for science!

Groups participating in citizen science is a lot of fun!

Watching and enjoying birds in our backyards, parks, and communities is an enjoyable and healthy experience. We can provide even more benefits to birds by counting birds and submitting our observations through conservation groups' citizen and community science efforts. Learn where and how you can help from your backyard!


eBird, the most popular birding database in North America, comes from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Over 700,000 users submitted data to eBird in 2021, helping eBird to hit its one billionth bird observation in the database! eBird is used by scientists across the globe to learn about bird populations, movements, and habitat needs. Every year, hundreds of scientific papers are produced using the data provided by bird lovers. 

Learning to use eBird is a simple and easy way to contribute to bird research and conservation! Cornell offers an eBird course to learn how to use their site and mobile app!

Great Backyard Bird Count

Every February, for four days, birders around the globe come together for the love of birds. This count is a partnership of multiple organizations, including Cornell and the National Audubon Society. During this extended weekend, data is collected about late winter bird movements, giving scientists a snapshot of wintering avian populations. Participation in this count can be done solo or with a local birding group. Participate here!

a red-breasted nuthatch sits on a birds choice mesh feeder
This Red-breasted Nuthatch was counted while feeding at a Birds Choice feeder.

Project FeederWatch

Project FeederWatch is a Cornell Lab of Ornithology coordinated project that turns your love of feeding birds into scientific observations. This annual survey is conducted from November to April of birds that visit backyards, nature centers, community areas, and other locales in North America. Participants do not even need a feeder! The only need is an area with plantings, habitat, water, or food that attracts birds. The schedule is completely flexible, and participants can register here!

Christmas Bird Count

The Audubon Christmas Bird Count has been running for over 120 years! This impressive feat is due to the commitment and diligence of bird-lovers striving to protect birds by counting them during the non-breeding season. Counts are held across North America, and each count circle also needs counters at backyard bird feeders. Learn how to join the Christmas Bird Count here!

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