Protein Punch Wild Bird Food


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Using our specially formulated safflower seed and flax seed, this highly nutritious mix is perfect for wild bird enthusiasts looking to provide a protein-packed treat

Ingredients: nutrasafflower, red millet, white millet, flax seed, canary seed, thistle seed, soybean oil, diatomaceous earth

This product may contain one or all of the following allergens: Tree Nuts, Fish and Shellfish.

  • 10 lb. bag
UPC 789453703156
WEIGHT (LBS) 10 lbs.
BRAND Birds Choice

Cardinals, grosbeaks, goldfinches, chickadees, jays, juncos,
woodpeckers, house finches, indigo buntings, doves

FEEDER TYPE Fly-thru, hopper feeder, seed catcher, hanging tray, window mount, platform, tube
FEED TYPE Wild Bird Food